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Ages 2-3

Our vibrant toddler area has lots of space for your active two year old. At this age there is a push towards independence and autonomy, your child is becoming more consciously aware of others, and their thirst for knowledge about the world around them knows no bounds.

The staff in these rooms are trained and experienced in providing an environment rich in stimulating learning experiences designed to support your child’s rapidly developing skills and physical abilities. They carefully plan activities based on knowledge of your child’s personality and specific interests and by using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework.

What will my child do and learn?

Your child will take part in a range of large and small group activities, encouraging concentration and listening skills. The sand, water, jelly and gloop often takes unexpected twists with the inclusion of sparkly letters, shapes and mystical, fascinating objects to stimulate discussion. Your child will delight in singing, dancing and making music or choosing their own books and listening to their favourite stories, learning new words and expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Through play and purposeful interaction with adults, your child will start to learn colours, numbers and shapes.

Will their role play be a castle, a Vets or an aeroplane flying to sunny Spain? What shall we paint, stick, print or build? Your child will want to choose their own activities, games and resources. That is why everything they need is within their reach, encouraging their independence and decision making skills.

Your child will learn how to respect boundaries, take turns and share. They will begin to recognise the effect of their actions on others, learning how to manage their feelings and express their emotions; the fundamental skills involved when forming positive and caring relationships.

By the time your child is approaching 3 and ready to join our preschool group, they will be energetic and well on their way to being confident and independent.