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Food and Nutrition

We are very proud of our menus, which we believe to be the healthiest in the region!

A well balanced and nutritious diet is essential for active minds and bodies and overall growth and health. That is why we offer two 2-course cooked meals a day packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy, wholesome ingredients. We also provide nutritious mid morning and afternoon snacks.

All of our tasty meals are prepared daily on the premises by our cook. The menu is changed each week and we cater for any special dietary requirements and allergies.

Meal times are social occasions with lots of positive interaction and learning opportunities. We encourage children to set the table and tidy away afterwards, feed themselves and use good table manners and older children will serve themselves and pour their own drinks.

We make sure that your child experiences a wide range of foods and you might find that they eat food at nursery that they “don’t like” at home, as they see their friends enjoying it, so this is an ideal time to introduce a variety of different flavours and textures.

It is also a perfect opportunity for encouraging children to develop healthy eating habits, beginning to understand which foods they can eat all the time and which are just treats. Our cook undertakes various baking and cooking activities with the children and will further the discussion on healthy food choices as well as teaching them about the ingredients in their meals.

We are proud to have a food hygiene rating of 5 stars.