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Ages 3-5

At around 3 years of age, your child will move to our beautifully resourced and spacious preschool area which offers everything they will need to consolidate and extend key skills and imagination.

The Rooms

The rooms are arranged to create spaces dedicated to the different areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, including a cosy book corner, inviting role-play area, creative building areas and an interactive smartboard which will give your child access to a wide variety of educational activities. Your child will have easy access to the equipment enabling them to become an independent learner able to make their own informed choices.

The Staff

Our staff in preschool are led by a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has nineteen years of teaching experience in a local primary school. They are experts at creating a caring and stimulating learning environment for your child to explore. Planning will continue to be directed by your child’s individual interests and personality but further interests will be introduced and knowledge will be extended as staff plan exciting and challenging learning experiences around stories, songs, seasonal events and celebrations, we even have Spanish lessons led by our teacher.

Learning Through Playing

Through purposeful child-led play and quality adult guidance and interaction your child will develop their understanding of the mathematical concepts of number, shape, space and measures. They will recognise and sound letters and learn how to write letter shapes and attempt to write simple words. Your child will also develop the characteristics of effective learning, showing an enthusiasm for learning about their world, becoming curious and inquisitive. They will become active learners who can concentrate and keep on trying if they find things difficult, enjoying a sense of achievement when they succeed. They will make links in their learning developing their own ideas and strategies to accomplish tasks.

Your child will continue to extend their interpersonal skills, playing co-operatively and interacting appropriately with other children and adults. They will begin to take responsibility for their actions and develop respect for others.

By the time your child is ready to move into their school reception class they will be confident and independent and have all the skills, knowledge and attributes required to make the most of future learning experiences; firm foundations for success in future life.